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Cell Meter 7 It is a modern device that instantly checks all necessary battery parameters.

Suitable for battery type:

  • LiPo 2-7 cel
  • LiFe 2-7 cel
  • Li-Ion 2-7 cel
  • NiCd 4-7 cel -(TX or RX version)
  • NiMH 4-7 cel-(TX or RX version)

Thanks to it, you check the voltage on the individual cell and the voltage of the whole package.
Clearly, indicates the level of capacity, and differences in voltage between cells.
It is the newest model with balance function - functions available only for lithium batteries.

Size: 85x50x15 mm



Follow Safety Guidelines

This product complies with the standards for market approval, signifying that the manufacturer and seller have taken necessary efforts to ensure safety during product usage according to the instructions. Using the product contrary to the instructions is at your own risk.

Attention! Stop using the battery if any of the following problems occur: odor, color change, excessively high battery temperature, shape alteration, leaks, or unusual sounds. If you're charging the battery, disconnect the charger from the power source first. Keep the battery away from anything that could catch fire. Dispose of batteries in specially designated containers.

Principles of Correct Li-Po Battery Usage

Your battery will function as intended as long as you adhere to the principles of proper usage:


  • Charge the Li-Po battery exclusively in lithium-polymer mode using a microprocessor charger.
  • To ensure even cell charging, use a charger with a balancer (service plug).
  • Do not leave the battery unattended in the charger (including overnight). Place the battery in a safe charging bag during charging.
  • Do not overcharge above 4.2V per cell.

During Usage:

  • Avoid discharging below 3.2V per cell that leads to permanent damage, as well as chemical reactions that could result in ignition.
  • Do not exceed the permissible discharge current (capacity in mAh multiplied by the C rating). For example, for a 2100 mAh battery with a 15C rating (2100 mAh x 15 = 31500 mAh) – the critical value is 31.5 amps. Keep away from flammable objects.
  • Do not short-circuit terminals, puncture, or damage wiring.


  • Do not store the battery connected to the replica. During extended storage, periodically check the minimum charge level using a dedicated charger or security alarm.
  • Store in a partially charged state – ideally around 70%.
  • Shield from direct sunlight exposure. Recommended ideal storage temperature – 12°C.

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